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Best Tuna Salad Ever

on April 13, 2012
Years ago I was looking for a tuna recipe made without TUNA. I know that’s kinda an oxymoron isn’t it? Well anyways I was on a mission when I came across a post from veggieboards called Mock Tuna Salad that said to use garbanzo beans as tuna. I was a bit skeptical about it since I didn’t think BEANS could replace TUNA, there not even similar in taste,  but I figured I would give it a shot. Since the recipe called for a lot of things I didn’t have/like I tried my own version.

Tuna Salad

2 Cans – Garbanzo Beans
2/3 Cup – Diced Onions
1/3 Cup – Veganzie (more or less to taste).
2 Pickles diced ( I use Bubbies pickles) (You can also put olives in replace of the pickles for a saltier taste but it’s hard to find olives without Latic acid(milk product))
  1. Place garbanzo beans in a bowl and smash them( the husband like some left whole but you can smash them as much as you like, you can even use a blender or food processor depending on how smooth you want it.)
  2. Add diced onions, veganzie and diced pickles to beans and mix.
        3. Enjoy!
You can have this lots of ways. We like to either mix our with some pasta for a tuna pasta salad or put it on bread for a tuna sandwich but you can eat it any way you’d like. My husband likes putting Golding Farms Three Pepper Mustard on his to give it a spicy kick and since I’m not a big fan on hot stuff I add some garlic salt to mine.
Any question or feedback ??? We’d love to hear from you!

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