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Vegan Whipped Cream Options

on April 28, 2012
Vegan Whipped Cream Options
In a previous post titled Vegan Banana Cream Pie (With Oreo’s) I talked about a vegan whipped topping called Healthy Top by Mimic Cream. Here are a couple of pictures of me making it for another dessert. I just wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like.
  • Pic 1 – In the bowl is 1 Cup of Healthy Top straight from the box
  • Pic 2 – Being mixed
  • Pic 3 – After being mixed 3 minutes
  • Pic 4 – After being mixed = 2 cups now and light and fluffy
The whole box makes a total of about 4 cups of whipped topping but we normally can’t eat that much. So I was searching Mimic Cream’s website and found that it says you can take out the portion you need and freeze the rest in another container for another time. So that’s what we did. I used about 1 cup(half the box) of Healthy Top from the box. Once whipped it make about 2 cups which was a perfect amount.

If your allergic to nuts (because Healthy Top is made from almonds and cashews) you can also use Soyatoo! Soy Whip. You make and use it just like the Healthy Top and it’s just as good. ( I get the Healthy Top because it’s sold in stores by me  and the Soyatoo I order online). Soyatoo also makes a Rice Whip and Soy Whip which is in a spray can. They Whip in cans is sold in stores by me but it’s  more airy then the boxed type. They are good just not as thick as I like.

And my final option for a whipped topping is from Coconut Milk. Sounds weird I know but I tried it anyways and it’s good. I got it from Chocolate Covered Katie . I didn’t open the can but it worked great. I also didn’t use the liquid stuff either and I whipped it with a whisk. Now it’s just not sweet enough for me as a whipped topping but I tried it in my coffee and it was great. Next time I may try to add some sugar like Katie suggests.

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