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Deep-Dish Cookie Pie

on June 10, 2012

So I’ve been scoping out this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie for some time now but was a little iffy to try it because it’s made with garbanzos beans. But I figured I should give it a try because I make Black Bean Brownies and I can’t single out any one bean. That’s just wrong! So when I was shopping I picked up a can of garbanzos beans and made them the minute I got home. They were great. I couldn’t taste the beans at all. So I had my husband, Aunt and Nani try them and they loved them. My Nani liked them so much she already pre-order her birthday cake, or should I say cookie pie from me…and her birthday is still 3 months away.  I even told some people at my work about it and they are all really interested in trying it. So I’m gonna surprise them and make it one day for them all to try.

So you are all probably going GIVE US THE RECIPE ALREADY!!!!! So here it is. Just follow the link to Katie’s page and the recipe Deep-Dish Cookie Pie ( I only had to use 1 can of beans) . Oh and wanna know something totally awesome about this reciepe…it was on TV!!! For real check it out at here and here.

Here are some of my pictures of the process.

Happy Baking!!!

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