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Cowboys Cake

on September 25, 2013

My husband and I made this for my Dad’s birthday last year. It came out AWESOME!!!! Much better than I thought it would. I was very pleased with it and he seemed to like it as well.



2 – Chocolate Cupcake recipe from what else than Cupcakes Take Over the World.

1 – chocolate Frosting (Same Cookbook as above)

1 – vanilla Frosting (Same Cookbook as above)



Yellow, Green, brown, gray and Blue Food Coloring


Make 2 square cakes and cool. Once cool place side by side and frost with chocolate frosting.

DSCF2543 DSCF2546

Color the coconut with green food coloring and place on top of frosting.


Color the fondant blue and make the end fields, helmet and star.

Color the Fondant gray and make the other star and laces on helmet.

Color the brown to make the football.

Place all fondant pieces on top of cake.

DSCF2553 DSCF2549

Color some of the vanilla frosting yellow to make the lines by the end field.

Color some of the vanilla frosting silver for the COWBOYS name.

With the remaining white frosting add the lines and numbers.

Place pipe cleaners as the Goal Posts.


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