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Vegan Jello Shots

The name says it all. Jello Shots….Vegan!!!!


Their awesome if I do say so myself and really, really easy to make. Best part, they only need to stay in the fridge for about 1 hr before you can enjoy them. So they are easy to make for last minute parties! I found the recipe years ago at this blog spot . She used vodka and different amount of water/alcohol ratio than I do. My recipe is below but you should check her’s out as well.


Whiskey or Rum (3 oz)

Water(8oz to boil and 5oz cold)

Vegan Jello (I use Bakol Jel Desserts, which our local walmart and publix sells it!!)

(Pretty simple ingredients huh?)


Check out her blog spot above for directions.

Just some tips from me:

The picture shows me using mini plastic cups but I perfer to use mini silicone cupcake liners. The jello pops right out of them and easy to clean as well.

These start setting within minutes of removing from heat so make sure to have your cups ready and pour quickly.

They will last in the fridge for about 3ish days before they get a funny texture.

For 4th of July I jazzed this puppies up and made Firecracker Jello Shots. You follow the directions above but add alcohol infuzed maraschino cherries to each shot. Just soak your cherries in alcohol for 30 mins to overnight (depending on how strong you’d like them) and add them once the jello starts to harden some (otherwise they sink right to the bottom).

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