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Vegan at Disney. 

Since we don’t live to far away we like relaxing our worries away at the greatest place ever….DISNEY!!!!

Disney has a lot of fun things to do for everyone in the family. Rides, shows, shopping and food….well food can be complicated for some of us with food allergies or food choices.We normally bring our own food most places we go, including Disney, because it can be hard to find something vegan and filling. I know most people say “they have salad” but sometimes a salad just won’t work for me.

So I was happy to find a lot of vegan options now sprouting up all over Disney. I’ve been following Vegan Disney World on facebook and was thrilled to see all she was posting about yummy new foods available for us. So next time we went to Disney we kept our eye out for them and spoke to the Chefs to get extra yummy food care.

Our trip started out wonderful. We were invited to an HSN Tea Party for breakfast and movie preview. They had a huge spread of foods but we weren’t sure what we could eat. They brought out the chef for us and he told us the fruit and potatoes we could eat and he made us Vans vegan waffles!  He also brought us some goodies for dessert. Enjoy Life cookies. They were AMAZING!!!!!  He was super nice and more than willing to help us get our bellies full.

We went to Disney Music Resort for dinner. The chef there was so thrilled to help make us something special. We decided on a veggie burger (it was cooked in the back as to not get meat juices on it) and chips. This meal hit the spot. The burger was so flavor full and the bread was awesome.


For breakfast at the hotel we were made mickey waffles. The waffles are normally made with milk but if you ask the chef they can make them with water. Mickey waffles just taste better than regular waffles .. ..they’re Mickey shape!!!


We went to the new Art of Animation resort  to walk around, which is awesome by the way, and ended up eating there. They had a build your own salad.  They use new bowls with each order and add whatever you’d like in it. They even had tofu. They didn’t have any dressings for us so we just got oil and vinegar with a little salt. The bowl was enough for us to split and be full.

The night we left we decided to go back to the hotel for dinner again. This time the fabulous chef made us a veggie burger wrap with rice and veggies. On the side was spicy sauce. This was one of my favorite meals there.


We noticed all over every hotel we went to (we walked around a lot of them to check them out) they had vegan dessert items. The Enjoy life cookies (which is what we had at the HSN Tea Party) in a couple different flavors, Enjoy Life chocolate bars and Surf Sweets gummie candies. It was so nice to be able to control our sweet tooth.

Most chefs are more than happy to make you something special with whatever allergy you have. Just remember that it does take longer to get your meal this way so be prepared to wait a bit, but trust me it’s worth the wait.

Let us know about any vegan foods you know and like at Disney!


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